Specialists In water Detection for Boreholes

What we Offer


Water Location

Locating underground water sources with pin point accuracy and determining depth of the water. Specializing in the residential borehole & well point market.

Geological Reporting

Provide a geological report on the formations below the area we locate to provide a more accurate result.

Boreholes & Well Points

We offer Well Point drilling up to 12m, Borehole Drilling up to 250m. We have Drilling rigs suited for any residential, commercial or farm property.


Based in Cape Town, we cover the entire Country servicing clients Nation Wide.


Using cutting edge German engineered technology and pairing it with our geological reporting, we have a 92% success rate of locating water bearing aquifers.

Customer Service

Company structured for efficient response times and we pride ourselves on customer service pre and post Boreholes. Offering a a full management solution from start to finish.


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Boreholes Sited