About Us

Let Us Find Water For You!  Be Sure Before You Drill!

Who We Are

Our Business focuses on underground water surveys, mainly for the residential borehole market. We make sure there is a suitable location for the borehole or well point with a water bearing aquifer on the property suitable for a borehole or well point.

Be Sure Before You Drill

Boreholes are becoming an essential part of every residence. Getting the correct location of a water bearing aquifer is crucial to avoiding additional cost. We have a 92% success rate in locating these aquifer’s.

How We Do It

Using the latest German engineered technology, We are able to track the water baring aquifers underground to find the best location for a borehole or well point. We can also give you and idea on the depth that the water is located.

Our Mission

South Africa

Currently the Western Cape is experiencing a drought. Looking forward, the next ten years South Africa can expect higher temperatures and drier conditions. We are assisting in the forward planning of additional water sources across South Africa .


We focus on the residential borehole market. Assisting home owners to locate additional water sources. making certain before they drill there is a water source.


We have partnered with local Borehole companies to provide the full service. We are able to recommend the best drilling solutions to meet your borehole requirements.