Boreholes & Well Points

Well Points

A well point is a hole that is blown with water pressure to extract shallow ground water from the water table below the surface of the ground. They usually can reach a maximum depth of about 10m depending on your particular area and ground water profile. WellPoint’s are sufficient for the irrigation of small to medium sized residential gardens. It consists of a pump that is situated above ground to extract the water. It is more cost effective and quicker to install than a borehole due to the shallower depths needed. Sometimes the water yield from one well-point will not be enough to run your irrigation system and so a second /third or fourth well-point is blown. These points are then connected together to work as one system. The whole process takes about 2-4hrs to install. Why install a well point: It saves you money Add value to your property Save valuable potable water Relieve the strain on our natural environment


We drill boreholes for residential and comercial properties. we can go down to a depth of 250m. there are many methods of drilling, we utilize percustion drilling and mud rotary drilling succefully all over the country. We use only the highest quality steel and UPVC casing in our holes to preserve the longevity of the borehole so it can give sustainable water for many years to come. Boreholes utilize a submersible pump which then pumps the water to the surface. Boreholes are sufficient for irrigation small to large residential gardens and sometimes the household water depending on the quality and quantity. The process should take a day to complete providing the underground formations are favorable.